Santa Claus

There can never be too much good will




Far away in northern Finland at the distant polar circle, lives Santa Claus, a warm-hearted and grey-bearded old fellow, together with Mrs Claus, the elves and the reindeer. This place is called “Lappi” in Finnish, or Lapland in English, and it is closely related to the Finnish Christmas tradition. Right at the foot of the Korvatunturi Fell is Santa’s secret home.

The world of Santa Claus

is fascinating, mysterious and filled with magic



Finnish Santa is the genuine symbol of goodwill and giving all over the world. He radiates warmth and inspires confidence. Santa Claus is everyone’s friend and treats all humans and animals equally. Santa wants to help the children of the world and to teach everyone how to care for one another. Santa Claus wishes all children a happy childhood!


and touching memories