Santa Claus


Santa Claus in well known by everyone. He lives in the northern part of Finland, close to the Arctic Circle. Santa lives together with Mrs Claus and the elves in a secret place called “Korvatunturi” where he spends most of his time.

No one knows exactly how old Santa is, not even Santa himself. The old but ageless Santa Claus is loved by everyone and he doesn’t need an ID to create the Christmas feeling.


Mrs. Claus


Mrs. Claus is warm, wise and caring and just as friendly and kind-hearted as Santa. She mainly stays at home in Korvatunturi and takes care of the house and the elves. She enjoys living in Korvatunturi and helps Santa Claus prepare for Christmas.

Mrs. Claus has a beautiful voice and she can play many instruments. She likes to wear wool socks and tends to give at least one kiss a day for Santa. It is not very often that she can find some time to relax, but when she does, she takes out her needles from the drawer and knits warm socks for both the elves and Santa.

palle reindeer


Palle is one of Santa’s most faithful reindeers. During the busy Christmas Eve Palle makes it in time to every corner of the world. His favorite food are apples. Palle knows how to draw beatiful patterns in the snow with his horns. He is also musical and is happy to dance along Christmas carols. He has a big clock with a jingle bell on his neck.

All reindeer look different and have a character of their own. Santa’s reindeer are male and they weigh around one hundred kilograms. They are strong enough to pull Santa and his gifts over long distances. Santa’s reindeer are friends with the wild reindeer. The wild reindeer are always excited to hear Santa’s reindeer telling stories of their Christmas travels when they return to Lapland.




Elves are Santa’s loyal helpers and their job is to find out what children want for Christmas and to prepare the gifts. The elves live in Korvatunturi, together with Santa and Mrs. Claus but you can spot them everywhere in Finland, especially during Christmas time.

All elves have special responsibilities. Some of them make gifts, some take care of Santa’s mail, the kitchen elves help with cooking, the candy elves prepare Christmas sweets, some elves take care of the reindeer, while the fisherman elves bring salmon to Santa’s dinner table and the berry elves pick berries. The porridge elves make the traditional Christmas porridge, the car elves work as drivers, the computer elves operate the modern telecommunications systems, the telephone elves answer the phone, the doll elves make dolls, the knitter elves knit beautiful socks and mittens and so on. The list is endless.



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Tuomo is 157 years old and a beardless elf. He is very young for an elf so he is one of the youngsters in Korvatunturi. Tuomo hasn’t used a pacifier for a while anymore, at least not in a hundred years! He knows how to make a frontflip from the roof into the snow. He admires Santa Claus more than anything.



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Oula is 193 years old with a grey beard and has always a running nose. He is hard-working but also enthusiastic when it comes to playing and fooling around. Oula enjoys sledding and jumping into snow piles. He is learning to play the guitar and and absolutely loves the black coffee that Mrs. Claus makes.



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111-years old Sparkly has a pink hair and is always cheerful, which gets everyone in good mood. She loves to dance and sing. Sparkly adores everything that has colours and stripes. She and Palle the reindeer are always playing tag with each other.



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The silliest of all elves is called Silly Elf. He is satisfied with the name since he has hard time remembering his official name. Silly elf celebrates Christmas each month on the 24th day just to make sure he won’t forget the actual Christmas Eve. Or was it the 42nd?



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Echo-elf understands animal language. Animals are elves little helpers and Echo-elf translates animal language to other elves too. Echo can also transform elves into animals, but only one at a time.



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Kaamos is a huge fan of metal music and he gets his inspiration from Finnish nature and seasonal variation. First hit song from Kaamos was called Swallow The Northern Light and it was in the first place for 24 weeks in the Korvatunturi hitslist! Baking is also one of the favorite hobbies of Kaamos.



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Playing with the number 11 Patrick loves other winter sports too besides ice hockey. He also loves animals and he practises hard to beat his dog in a 100 meter sprint race.



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Edison-elf carries always a computer in his backpack because he is in charge of all the IT related things in Korvatunturi. Edison’s role model is Linus Torvalds who invented Linux. He is also developing his own computer software which is called Cinnamon roll with milk.









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Veikka is an elf that most of us have met somewhere on our travels, sometimes without realising it. He is often on the road, with his tanned face covered by a pair of binoculars, a sun visor, a pair of skiing goggles, or a relaxing eye mask. You can recognise Veikka by his extraordinary love of adventures and how he can guess the favourite holiday destinations of his travelling companions – sometimes even guessing them right!

Veikka has circum-navigated the globe more than a hundred times, and the memory stick of his camera phone contains thousands of photos from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Pyramid of Giza. His favourite destination is Christmas Island, which got detached from the Mount Korvatunturi in Lapland long ago when the continental plates moved. A small but determined herd of reindeers keep grazing on the island, and on the slopes of tropical fells, special almonds for the Christmas porridge are grown.










lves live many times longer than people. As a result adulthood is reached at the age of 200 and babyhood lasts usually for 20 years. It’s a long time for mommy and daddy to be babysitting.

Normally a baby elf uses up 180 pacifiers, cries 10 million times, keeps awake 6200 nights and eats 15 million jars of rice pudding and plum kisel.

On the other hand elf baby himself has to withstand around 27 600 playful pinches on the cheeks and 19 000 Christmas songs by Mrs Claus. It’s not quite so easy for them either.


Niila puppy


A happy and playful puppy. He loves to sleep next to the stove and he’s best friend is Palle. Niila has a jingle bell on his neck. He thinks that snow is the best thing that ever happened!




The world’s tiniest snowman was built in Korvatunturi. An elf built it by piling three snowflakes with special tweezers that were cooled down to zero degrees.