Authentic and uniform Santa Claus

The world’s most valuable brand


We represent the Finnish Santa Claus and maintain a strong network under a unified Christmas brand.

We license and develop the immaterial rights of the Finnish Santa Claus brand that belong to the Santa Claus Foundation. We represent the authentic Finnish Santa Claus brand worldwide. Licensing activities enable the annual gifts of the Santa Claus Foundation to the children of the world.


Santa’s Official Products or Services


Santa’s Official Friend



Santa’s Official Shop


Santa’s Official Experience

Licensing opportunities


The Santa Claus brand creates unique added value to companies worldwide. Our partners are able to reach new target groups and create long lasting customer relationships with quality content. We support our partners in taking a leading role in the market by communicating through the brand and by having a lasting effect on the lives of the consumers. We offer the possibility to cooperate with other license holders. The Santa Claus Finland logo reflects about the company’s desire to help the children of the world. We operate all over the world with respect to the Finnish Santa Claus legends, traditions and stories.

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