Donations 2015, by The Santa Claus Foundation

Each child has the right for education. The Santa Claus Foundation aims at promoting children’s educational opportunities with the 2015 donations. Santa wishes, that as many children as possible would have access to education and accumulation of knowledge. The Santa Claus’ gift is delivered through Save the Children Finland.

The international share of the Santa Claus’ gift will be donated to Nepal, for purchasing school supplies for children in needy families. The domestic share of Santa Claus’ gift will be donated for purchasing textbooks for upper secondary education for the whole duration of the education. In addition we will donate tablet PC’s for unaccompanied minors arriving in Finland.

400 Nepalese children will receive pens and notebooks for a school year
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. In Nepal, the school attendance of many children remains a mere dream, because parents cannot afford to send children to school. Often families are so poor they cannot even obtain the most common school supplies as pens and notebooks. However, without these a child cannot attend school.

A youngster of a disadvantageous family will receive high school textbooks for the whole duration of the education
This benefit is intended for a youngster of a family whose limited financial means pose a threat to continuance of the schooling, of the youngster, after primary school. Due to this benefit a youngster can start the high school studies and take the matriculation examination.

Unaccompanied minors arriving in Finland will receive ten tablet PC’s
These PC’s will be donated for minors seeking asylum in Finland and the shelters in the cities of Espoo and Oulu, which are supported by Save the Children Finland. Save the Children Finland has launched operations for accommodating the children seeking asylum in Finland. Without help and support these children are at risk of becoming marginalized and re facing losses and dangers. Save the Children Finland has set up shelters for minors in cooperation with the Finnish Immigration Service in Espoo and Oulu for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. Child welfare needs are arranged by donations and children and youngsters are provided with everyday supplies, in the shelters.