Santa’s Magical Puzzle

Santa’s Magical Puzzle is now online in Google Play! This playful puzzle game is launched together with MOKENTO and Santa Claus Licensing.

The game allows you to meet the Santa Claus family and to experience the magical world of Korvatunturi. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the Elves will be with you throughout the whole game. The further you get in the puzzle the more gifts you will receive from Santa Claus! Santa’s Magical Puzzle will bring joy to everyone and teach the children of the world.

Santa Claus Foundation is proud to be able to improve children’s cognitive and emotional skills as they solve the problems of the puzzle. The Foundation wants to take part in the process of a healthy childhood development. Puzzles do wonders for the human mind. Children, adults, and seniors all benefit from improved memory, creativity, disposition, and brain chemistry.