Santa Claus Foundation donation to SOS-Childrens village

Santa Claus and the Santa Claus Foundation are thinking about children and their well-being especially this Christmas. Unfortunately, not all children are in a good position. This year, the Santa Claus Foundation’s support gift has been given to SOS Children’s Village, which does a very important job, and its Apuu chat activities. Even before the corona, one in five children lived without adequate care. The coronary pandemic has further increased nausea in families. There are now many homes where children are not safe. When a child’s anxiety is not seen, he or she must seek help himself or herself. In the spring, SOS Children’s Village urgently launched a chat service called Apuu for primary school children. Child protection professionals and trained on-call staff help by discussing and ensuring access to help, for example by referring the child to a school psychologist or tutor. In the most serious cases, a child protection notification is made or the emergency center is contacted. The majority of contacts are related to children’s friendships, bullying, fears, anxiety, and concern for parents. More information about SOS Children’s Village

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