Say it with Santa campaign charms the world

For this Christmas, Visit Finland enlisted Santa Claus as a messenger to spread the warm Christmas atmosphere around the world. In the Say it with Santa campaign, people asked Santa to send greetings to their loved ones. More than 13,000 applications were written to Santa, and the site was visited from 175 countries. In the Say it with Santa campaign, Santa delivers people’s personal Christmas greetings. The greetings could be sent for selection in November by writing to Santa on the campaign website. Santa Claus received about 13,000 application letters from nearly 150 countries. Eighty of the letters were selected for broadcasting as joyful and touching video greetings. The videos will be posted on YouTube in December and sent to the applicants. There was also one marriage proposal from South Korea. This warm-hearted Christmas campaign was supported by Santa Claus Foundation.

Campaign site