Arabia’s Christmas story begins in Helsinki

Arabia and Santa Claus Finland are together showing the way to Finland and Helsinki by bringing out a special Helsinki mug. A shared Christmas story gives a strong voice to Finnish goodwill ambassador Santa Claus. The Helsinki mug tells the story of Christmas from when Santa Claus begins his journey in 100-year-old Finland and heads out into the world – first visiting in Helsinki.

Santa Claus visits Helsinki on Christmas Eve

The new Santa Claus products are all about telling the story of the Finnish Santa Claus, who enters the world and children’s hearts starting from his home in Korvatunturi, a fell in northern Finland. Santa Claus is the official goodwill ambassador of Finland, who visits every city around the world to deliver Christmas joy and magic.

His first stop is Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and continues across the globe. Even though the journey is long, Santa Claus makes his way everywhere. He travels with his reindeer to the place where the day changes first and finally ends up on the other side of the planet.

On the centenary of Finland’s independence, Santa Claus admires the beautiful Helsinki skyline, including its iconic cathedral tower. Finland is the home of Santa Claus, the place where he makes his preparations for his long annual journey to deliver happiness and goodwill.

Cooperation since 2014

Arabia began to work with Santa Claus Finland in 2014. Santa Claus Finland functions as a commercial liaison between the partners and the Santa Claus Foundation. As a festive symbol of his journey around the world, Finland’s centenary gives a good opportunity for the Helsinki mug to lead the way to Finland and Finnish culture. Petri Paarnio from Santa Claus Finland describes co-operation with Arabia:

“This mug beautifully portrays the Finnish Santa Claus story and its connection to the world’s consciousness. It’s a lovely tribute to 100 years of Finnish independence. Santa Claus and Arabia have a unique working relationship, with a common mission to bring smiles, happiness and a sense of delight to everybody around the world.”

Santa Claus products are designed in Finland. The Helsinki mug is available from 1 October 2017 onwards.

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