The Lähitaksi is an official partner of Santa Claus. The partnership begins by opening the Elf Academy

Why are reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh and not horses? How does the quality control work at Korvatunturi? What does the elves do at christmas eve? These and many other Christmas related questions will be answered at Lähitaksi’s new Elf Academy loft.
The Elf Academy opens online 27.11.2018 at Everyone who graduates get’s a certificate. In addition there will be a raffle amongst the ones that added their contact informations. Three families will get a visit from the real Santa Claus at Christmas eve.

Santa Claus Licensing does valuable work cherishing the spirit of Christmas. We thought that how could we raise the spirit from our part and that’s how the Elf Academy was born”, states the marketing chief of Lähitaksi Heidi Säynäjoki. Santa Claus Licensing has a huge amount of information about Christmas related themes and we could offer a fun, imagination filling platform from our application website. At the same time Tuutio-elf and his story was born referring our new application.”

”We think it’s great that Lähitaksi is now an official partner of Santa Claus”, says Petri Paarnio, the  representative of Santa Claus Licensing. ”Lähitaksi is an idea rich and a fresh partner, with whom the cooperation has been inspirational. The partnership combines awesome brand values like the joy of helping, authenticity and great spirit.”

”Together we have developed a brand new concept that is broadly visible with an eventful user experience that leaves a positive feeling for the people. The partnership will surely increase both brands intangible capital and strenghten the positive image for both sides.”

You get a chance to test your Christmas knowledge at a Christmas event organized by Lähitaksi and Joulupukkisäätiö in three different categories – ”Elf observation basics”, ”The history of Christmas spirit” and ”Advanced Korvatunturi knowledge”. You can complete one or all of the three categories. You will get a certificate for each category after you add your contact information. Santa’s visits will be drawn 18.12.2018 between the people whom has added their contact information at the Elf Academy.

Jump into Elf Tuutio’s magical taxi at:

Read the release at Lähitaksi’s website: Lähitaxi is an official partner of Santaclaus