Santa Claus and the book of names

Christmas most anticipated children’s book has been published. Where did Korvatunturi get it’s name, and what kind of place is the home of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the elves? It is revealed in the fascinating new writing ”Santa Claus and the book of names”.

This fascinating storybook will take it’s reader to the magical land of Christmas, where strange things happen. Santa Claus book of names is missing and it turns out that many elves have been borrowing it because the book is full of children’s good deeds and that is what elves like to read. Finally Palle the reindeer and lapphund puppy Nilla gave the crucial hint and a rousing surprise is waiting for Santa Claus under the northern lights and twinkling stars…

In the book there are visits to the most important places in Korvatunturi: Santa’s house (from which there is a secret door to the super technical command center), the library of Korvatunturi (would you like to lend the writing ”Celtaisen lumen cirous?”), elves present workshop (has the perpetual motion machine finally been invented?) and the air traffic control tower (Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer is also there!). At the heart of everything, however, are the good deeds of the children and elves that will all end up in the Book of names.